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Expanded Metal Mesh

Angle bead

Angle bead have a smooth round nose bead with diamond mesh wings for the keying of plaster right up to the nose of the bead.On the outside is

Angle bead with creased reinforce flange

Angle bead with creased reinforce flange have a smooth round nose bead with diamond nesh wings for the keying of plaster right up to the nose

Mini mesh angle bead

Mini mesh angle bead designed For single coat plaster applications including dry wall, block and slab work. Provides excellent adhesion and r

Expanded metal

Expamded Metal made from sheets of solid metal that are slit and stretched with each stroke of the upper die, forming a raised diamond patter

Heavy duty expanded metal

Heavy Duty Expanded Metal is strong enough to be used as grating for short span dimension and foot traffic applications. It can also be used

Battery mesh grid

Battery mesh grid made of expanded metal with diamond pattern, battery mesh and grid is widely used in battery making field, the material inc

High Ribbed Formwork

Fast-EZ High Ribbed Formwork, consisting of steel sheets formed into mesh and U pattern rib bone, will produce a surface with concrete which

Coil Mesh / Coil Lath

A high quality expanded galvanised or stainless steel mesh for use primarily as an anti-cracking reinforcement in the construction of brick a

Embedded Steel lath type Form "Rib Lath"

Our Rib-Lath has been developed to contribute to reduce cost, work time, volume wastes and to improve the quality of concrete, working safety

Construction Method

General construction method of plastering the wall Construction method of plastering the wall using Rib-Lath Making the Lath form

Excellencies of Rib Lath

- Easy to bend into round form or right-angled side - Curved surface Minimizing the Space to install - 1/20 of plywood in size - Minimizing t

Costruction Joint

Several plastering occur frequently according to the site conditions. We call it Construction Joint. Water leakage or lowering of shear force

Incline Plane Reinforcing

* Shortening the working time by prevention of running down the concrete. * Easy concrete level working * Excellent to prevent the surface fr

Pre-back filling

Pre-back filling means the construction method to fill the site with soil after installation of the Rib-Lath in order to save the quantity of

Height Difference(different height of two sides respectively

If heights of two sides of construction surfaces are different at a site, the construction without Rib-Lath must be done from lower skeleton

Foundation work

RIB-LATH can improve the quality of construction than existing forms. When plastering with Rib-Lath, discharge of air bubble or surplus water

Retaining wall / combined wall

Underground work spends most time in construction. The most difficult work in construction is retaining wall/combined wall part. One of the s

Other Applications in Construction

Because Rib-Lath is made of 0.5mm of thin steel plate, it is very flexible and easy to make curved construction at site, therefore you can re

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